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We would like to welcome you to our site. This site was created to help people understand, sign up for, and save money on web hosting. We also like to spice things up a bit, throwing in cool web buttons and other goodies as well. We have made guides about how to sign up for web hosting using some of the most popular hosts, including HostGatoriPageBlueHostFatcow and others. We also help with the process of changing to a new web host.

What We Think About the Top Web Hosts


Looking for web hosting reviews? We can help with that too. Reviews help you find the best web hosting for your site.

Need email hosting? We even have a solution for that. We recommend going with Exchange hosting.

If you need a dedicated server, check out these deals: http://cheaperdedicatedservers.com. Not ready for a dedicated server? Check out some VPS Reviews to see if a Virtual Private Server would be a better choice. Lastly, if you need an affordable shared hosting solution, here are some HostGator  and Bluehost coupons to save you some dough:  MyBluehostCoupons.com. Also, check out cheap vps hosting if you want VPS hosting, but are on a budget.

Web Hosting Buttons

Want one of our cool web hosting buttons on your site? We have over a dozen of the most popular hosts, so check it out now! Check out some of the cool buttons below, and check out all the different combinations you can create, with the ability to customize color, shape and (of course) host! We are really proud of our buttons and hope you will consider using them to represent your host and “pretty” up your site! Here is an FAQ concerning the button tool.

Web Hosting Coupons

We help you find great hosting coupons, including HostGator coupons and DreamHost coupons. For the latest in coupons, check out our Hostgator Coupons for February 2013. Our DreamHost promo codes are good all-year-round! Still looking for ways to save? Check out the cheap web hosting provider options available!

Web Hosting Tutorials

Lastly, we also offer some web hosting tutorials, including some related to WordPress, Google analytics and other stuff.

We hope that you find the site useful and will find hosting that will fit your needs. Remember, a good host for your site can save you many a headache and lots of money, so take the time to make an informed decision. Changing over to a new web host is certainly possible, but it is best to find a great one and stick to it!



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