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HP Pavilion 15 Review

HP 15A great resource when it comes to finding the best laptops is LaptopBlogger that feature up to date lists such as the one of the best gaming laptops under 1000. Once you know what is out there, you might take a closer look at some of the great laptops out there. The Hp Pavilion 15 is definitely one of them.

Hewlett Packard gives users various laptops at varied prices and performance that suit the individual needs of users. After looking at the various available HP Pavilion, we feel we are in better position to share what we know about the HP Pavilion 15 in terms of users experience, durability, and performance.

The basic casing design has not really changed when compared to its precursors. This casing discussed here is made up of plastic and they come in different colors.

Not much flaws were discovered as HP does take extra measures and care to eliminate possible shortcomings

In terms of shape, the laptop is thinner and lightweight. Some other versions of the Pavilion 15 family do not have optical drive, thereby creating rooms for thinner feels.

This particular HP depends on Wi-Fi module from Realtek for optimum communication performance and also give users the opportunity to transfer files via Bluetooth 4.0 functions. It has a stable connection which is between the router and the laptop which is between 14.9 Meter radius. Realtek is also the maker of the Ethernet chip.

It comes with windows 8.1 operating system and webcam that display images with good specs, recovery DVD isn’t included for this particular model of HP laptop. The HP pavilion is designed in such a way that you can upgrade it for windows 10 (the current windows experience) or if you do not like the windows 8 that comes with it, you can opt to use windows 7, which will still work fine if that is what you are comfortable with. That simply means that you have more options to opt for when the need arises because the needed drivers to make that happen has been provided by HP.

Basically, the Pavilion is shipped from the factory with its basic accessories such has power charger and user guide.

Maintaining the HP isn’t as easy as it should be because no provisions were many for easy maintenance, which may warrant opening the casing to make fixes and repairs. You would need to remove the optical drive before you can release all the screws from under. It is highly recommended and advisable that before you start anything or lose any screws, studying the user manual will do you good in the long run that could save you money eventually.

However, the HP Pavilion comes with a warranty of one year which can be extended.

Other accessories that comes with the HP Pavilion is the unlit Chiclet keyboard. The keys are flat and slightly roughened in nature. The keyboards are delivered to sufficiently

The touch pad offers enough space for gesture controls on the laptop. It is 11x 6.5 cm in area. You can easily turn on or off the gesture controls via the mouse menu when you feel the need to.

HP Pavilion has an amazing display and resolution for the eyes of its users.

It has enough power for computing as a member of the 15 inch all round laptops.

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