Ways Chronic Conditions Impact The Health Of Seniors

Ways Chronic Conditions Impact The Health Of Seniors

Older adults are prone to various chronic conditions. For you to maintain good health while aging, you must learn how to manage any chronic condition that you might be having. It’s very important that you, your doctor, and caregivers are doing the right things to manage any chronic condition that you may already have or 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans. Majority of the age-related problems that seniors eventually develop in their lives are usually due to the chronic conditions that have either progressed or have caused complications. In this post, we have discussed some of the ways in which chronic health conditions can affect your health as you age.

  • Can cause other chronic conditions

If not managed properly and in a timely manner, chronic health conditions can actually cause other new chronic health conditions, affecting your health even more in a negative way. For instance, if high blood pressure is not treated accordingly, it can bring you more problems such as kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, or stroke. When it is managed accordingly, your risk of developing any new related chronic health condition will be significantly low.

  • Can cause health emergencies and crises

Most chronic health conditions usually come with an increased risk of many other health emergencies or sudden deterioration. For instance, older adults with diabetes are at risk of experiencing catastrophically low or high blood sugar, while those with COPD are at risk of developing an “exacerbation”, which can necessitate hospitalization.

  • Can cause unpleasant symptoms that are uncomfortable

Most chronic conditions can cause distressing symptoms that can cause a lot of discomfort to older adults. For instance, arthritis usually causes pain while atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease usually cause shortness of breath. Optimal amendment is highly recommended for you to feel better.

  • Can sometimes cause premature death

Some chronic health conditions reduce life expectancy because they can increase you’re your risk of dying earlier than you could have if you didn’t have them. Such premature deaths may be sudden. They can happen during a hospitalization or at home. They can also happen after a prolonged period of slow decline. Work closely with your doctor to slow down the progression of any chronic condition that you may be having for you to avoid dying prematurely. Slowing down the progression of a chronic condition will also help keep other chronic conditions and diseases at bay. This will improve your life expectancy a great deal.